Wednesday, 6 July 2011

It's new, it's exciting, it's the BRAND NEW 'LIT NERD AROUND THE WORLD!'

Let's face it: this blog has become boring. I'm so far behind on my book reviews that it's become worrying to even think about it and I try to ignore it whenever possible. Which I shouldn't because, deep down, I do love this and want to update it. So, it has come time for a drastic change.

Not that drastic

There will no longer be super long book reviews where I'm rambling mostly to fill up space. There will be lots and lots of different content, from personal stories to tidbits about different countries to thoughts on different literary genres. The point of the blog will be the same (and, of course, there will still be book reviews, if shorter) but hopefully, it will be much more fun.

One can only hope as fun as this

Ideas? Things you'd like to see? Drop me a line. I'd love to hear more ideas.

Example: This is a great idea

See you all soon!

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