Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Good people of the Blogosphere!

I apologize immensely for the great hiatus I have inadvertently taken. Between finishing work at home and moving overseas, not to mention my graduate school work load, it's been a lot to go through.

It's somewhat exactly like this.

However, I refuse to let this blog die, especially since I have recently read some amazing books that are much deserving of praise. Also, I need something to keep my mind off of the upcoming essay due dates that are biting at my heels, like essay due dates are wont to do.

Like this, although not quite as adorable. Also, this picture looks remarkably like my friend Carrie.

I have not forgotten you! I will be back before the end of the week, I promise.

That is, if Prince Hal and Rumour in 2 Henry IV doesn't eat me alive first.

Until then, keep reading!

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