Monday, 20 August 2012

Generation A Reaction Post

Along with posting duel reviews, Colin and I will be posting reactions to each other's reviews a few days later. Here is my reaction to Colin's review, which you can read here. His reaction to my review is here.

I feel like I don't have all that much to say in my reaction to Colin's review, mainly because we agreed on a lot of things. One thing that he loved (and I don't think I proclaimed my love of in my review) was short chapters. Short chapters are the best! They keep the plot going and make you read faster because it's a lot easier to go "well, just a little more" when the chapters are only a few pages long. This was definitely helpful to this book as well, keeping the plot moving and allowing for each character to have a voice (and getting you quickly to another one if you were sick of one). 

Colin had a problem with the story section, as did I. However, he mentions that it isn't very scientific, saying "Now I’m no scientist, but is that how science really works? I don’t think we landed a rover on Mars via telling stories," which I will admit, made me giggle. I guess that's true but most of the science we'd been treated to at this point didn't seem very scientific, either. The fact that it didn't seem believable wasn't really the problem for me so much as just how long it went on for. 

He didn't think the end lived up to the beginning, saying "It started out strong, but faltered near the end and ended weakly." I completely agree with that. I think I just liked the bit with Serge at the end and that let me appreciate the ending more. 

I think Colin enjoyed this book more than I did but it's not like I disliked it. It was more that I read the entire book eager to see what would happen and then was left with a "well, huh" moment at the end. I wanted more than that and it didn't deliver. Was it interesting? Yes. Did I love it? Eh, it was okay. 

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