Monday, 14 January 2013

Is It Just Me? - Miranda Hart

I'll just be honest here: I'm a fan of Miranda Hart. I think she is very funny, very relatable and just all around a cool person. Well, not cool but that's the whole point. She isn't afraid to tell a story, no matter how embarrassing and then smile and go, "Right?" This is a big breath of fresh air and as I love her sitcom, Miranda, I was happy to give her first book a try.

Is It Just Me? is a nonfiction book, not really a memoir or an autobiography so much as an exploration of topics with silly anecdotes alongside. She uses the narrative device of talking to herself as an eighteen year old to get across lessons and morals or just simply as an excuse to tell more silly stories. 

I will admit, I found the talking to past!Miranda thing a bit off-putting when I started reading. It seemed to come out of nowhere and while I understood why it was happening, I didn't know if I liked it. However, as I got further into the book, I found it quite funny and enjoyed reading about young!Miranda's life. If you can believe it, I think she was cooler than me at that age. Way to go, Hart.

I really enjoyed reading her views on different things. Her dieting method, for example, is marvelous : basically, don't eat so much and do a bit of exercise. Very true and very concise. I do love the cutting through the nonsense. Her ideas on weddings, as well, are very fun.

It's a very quick read (I got through it in an evening) and very fun. Good for a bit of light-heartedness.

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