Monday, 25 February 2013

I Feel Bad About My Neck & I Remember Nothing - Nora Ephron

I absolutely adore Nora Ephron. She was witty, smart, funny and a successful writer in Hollywood who made some of my favorite movies. When I found her two books of short essays at my library, I grabbed them right up. I'd always wanted to read them and they were fairly short so I'm going to review them together as they are really the same book in two parts.

Ephron uses her two books to explore different topics and events in her life in short essay format. Written towards the end of her life, I will admit that a lot of the essays that focused on being older weren't really relatable for me. I've given the books to my mother to read and get her view on but she hasn't read them yet so no word on that.

The other essays, though, on such things as the tragedy that is owning a purse and the state of transcendence that you're in for the next few hours after reading a really good book are completely spot on. Her love of New York, her amusement in older people, her love affairs gone wrong are all the stuff good fiction is made of and in this case, a very interesting life.

I really enjoyed the short collection, even if a few essays weren't quite my life story. She is a great writer, really personable and lovely and the words just jump right off. Reading these essays is like chatting to a friend over lunch. 

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