Monday, 11 February 2013

The Forgotten Queen - D.L. Bogdan

I was intrigued by The Forgotten Queen after reading Blood Sisters. I really enjoy some historical fiction and when reading the description, I realized that I didn't know much about Margaret Tudor. As someone who was so connected to one of the biggest figures in English History, I was curious how I had missed her. And so, I picked up this book.

Margaret Tudor was born to be married. She realizes this but doesn't expect her task to come to her so early in life. As a young teenager, she is sent north to Scotland to fulfill her destiny and become queen of the Scots in hopes of peace between England and Scotland. Margaret, however, just wants to feel loved and wanted, something that she fears she's been lacking all her life.

Margaret's search for love is the main theme of the book. As she goes on in her life and different things happen to her, she is constantly searching for someone to cling to while remaining a strong queen herself. She is aware that she has to be someone the country can rely on but she just wants someone that loves her as Margaret, not the Queen. 

I was drawn into this book quite quickly. Margaret is a very sympathetic figure in a tough situation. It's easy to root for her. However, as time goes on and she grows older and harder, she does drift from the reader a bit. Bogdan does a valiant job trying to make the best out of history but some parts are just hard to figure. On the whole, however, the reader just wants Margaret to be happy, something that seems very out of reach for the poor queen.

It can be dry at times, unfortunately a danger for most historical fictions, but for the most part, The Forgotten Queen is an interesting tale of an important figure that tends to get looked over by the history books. She's definitely worthy of her own tale and if you enjoy historical fiction and strong heroines, you should check this out.

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